Staff Responsibilities & Contacts

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  • County Manager : Dan LaMontagne
  • Assistant County Manager: Bryan Thompson
  • Deputy County Manager/Finance Officer: Vicki McConnell
  • Budget Director: Lisa West
  • Budget Analyst: Darrell Butts
  • Policy Analyst: Stephanie Watkins-Cruz
  • Clerk to the Board of Commissioners: Lindsay Ray
  • Paralegal: Ann Hammack
  • Director of Human Resources and Risk Management: Carolyn Miller
  • Benefits Manager: Andrea Brady
  • Human Resources Analyst: Courtney Jones
  • Safety & Risk Manager: Marilyn Grant
  • Public Information Officer & Media Contact:  Kara Dudley
  • Veteran Services: David Kennedy
  • Administrative Support Specialist/Deputy Clerk to the Board of Commissioners: Emily Tellman
  • Community Engagement Coordinator: Hilary Pollan


County Manager                                                                                                                                                                             Dan LaMontagne                                                                                                                                                                           919-542-8200

Dan was appointed by the Board of County Commissioners as the interim chief executive officer of the county, following the retirement of Renee Paschal on October 1, 2018. Major responsibilities are:

  • Overseeing the overall county operations within the policies adopted by the Board of County Commissioners, with a special focus on external programs, intergovernmental relations, environmental issues, facilities and public works.
  • Maintaining relationships between the county and the community
  • Facilitating coordination between county departments
  • Promoting effective management practices and priorities for departments and employees

Contact Dan on matters requiring action by the Board of Commissioners or general county management issues and questions. 


Assistant County Manager


Bryan Thompson



Bryan assists with the overall county operations within the policies adopted the Board of County Commissioners.

Contact Bryan on matters requiring action by the Board of Commissioners or general county management issues and questions.



Deputy County Manager & Finance Officer
Vicki McConnell

Vicki helps with various county management issues. On-going responsibilities include:

  • Assisting with oversight of overall county management operations, with a special focus on finance
  • Serving as director of the Finance Office, including oversight of the annual audit, bond issues and other financial reporting

Contact Vicki about general administration and financial issues.  



Budget Director 
Lisa West

Lisa provides support to the County Manager's Office by:

  • Developing the operating budget
  • Working with departments on measuring performance and developing work plans
  • Evaluating departments and services for effectiveness and efficiency
  • Overseeing the county’s nonprofit allocation process
  • Administering county JCPC funding (juvenile justice)
  • Other professional support, including special studies and evaluations

Contact Lisa on county budget issues, nonprofit grants and JCPC issues.



Budget Analyst
Darrell Butts

Darrell assists the Budget Director with budget duties.


Policy Analyst
Stephanie Watkins-Cruz

As Policy Analyst in the Manager's Office, Stephanie's ongoing duties include:

  • Providing staff expertise on affordable housing and community development for different projects and policies
  • Serving as staff support for the Affordable Housing Advisory Committee
  • Administering and managing the Chatham County Housing Trust Fund, and Emergency Housing Fund
  • Serves as the Fair Housing Officer
  • Researching & evaluating county policies and interests and making recommendations
  • Facilitate strategic planning efforts for Chatham County Departments
  • Assisting with performance measurement and parts of the budget process
  • Provide general assistance and support to the County Manager

*Speaks Spanish* 


Contact Stephanie with questions about Affordable Housing, Fair Housing concerns or complaints, and policy and program feedback or requests.



Clerk to the Board of County Commissioners
Lindsay Ray

As Clerk to the Board of Commissioners, Lindsay's duties primarily include:

  • Preparing agendas and materials for commissioner meetings
  • Recording and preparing board meeting minutes
  • Completing follow-up to meetings, such as maintaining updated ordinances
  • Coordinating public records requests

Contact Lindsay to request to have items placed on the agenda or to speak at a Board of Commissioners meeting, to obtain a copy of minutes, to sign up to receive email notices of meeting agendas, or to inquire about meeting follow-up activities. Also contact her about any public records requests. 

Ann Hammack

Duties are providing paralegal assistance to the staff and support for the County Attorney.

Human Resources and Risk Management Director
Carolyn Miller

Carolyn’s primary duties include:

  • Recruiting and selecting new employees
  • Developing and enforcing personnel policies
  • Developing and overseeing benefits programs
  • Developing and offering classes for employee development
  • Monitoring work-related accidents and injuries
  • Managing the county’s pay-for-performance

Contact Carolyn on general personnel issues and the topics listed above.

Benefits Manager
Andrea Brady

Andrea is primarily responsible for:

  • Managing employee benefits
  • Posting new job positions and recruiting for those positions

Contact Andrea about job openings and employee benefits.

Human Resources Analyst
Courtney Jones

Courtney is primarily responsible for:

  • Assisting in the creation and documentation of policies and procedures
  • Developing job descriptions and other documents for specific positions
  • Managing the employee intranet and other HRIS functions
  • Conducting research & analysis to be comparable and in compliance
  • Employee wellness programming
  • Serving as a resource during recruitment and selection

Contact Courtney for general questions about human resources.

Safety & Risk Manager 
Marilyn Grant


Marilyn is responsible for: 

  • Overseeing workplace safety and meeting OSHA requirements, including employee training, accident investigation and safety policies
  • Handling risk management and claims for automobile, general liability, and workers' compensation
  • Handling logistics for employee courses offered through its Leadership Academy
  • Managing county leases of office space

Contact Marilyn on any of the topics listed above.

Public Information Officer & Media Contact
Kara Dudley
919-542-8258 or 919-548-4662

Kara has a range of diverse duties, including:

  • Serving as the primary webmaster for the county website
  • Writing and distributing news releases
  • Serving as the primary contact for the news media
  • Serving as a resource to staff and the Board of Commissioners on civic engagement and public information
  • Producing public information materials, such as the annual report
  • Maintaining list of commissioner appointments to boards and committees, collecting applications to serve, and publicizing vacancies.
  • Maintaining the government access channel on Time Warner Cable and CenturyLink networks

Contact Kara on general questions about how county government works, website suggestions, commissioner appointments to boards and committees, and other topics listed above. More information here.

Veteran Services Officer
David Kennedy

Contact David about potential benefits available for veterans, their dependents and survivors. For more information, click here.

Administrative Support Specialist and Deputy Clerk 
Emily Tellman

Emily is the person who most likely will greet you on the phone or when you enter the County Manager's Office. She also serves as Deputy Clerk to the Board of Commissioners, which means she helps with their meeting agendas and meeting followup.



Community Engagement Coordinator
Hilary Pollan

Hilary is responsible for:

  • Implementation and oversight for funding nonprofit agencies
  • Liaising with non-profits and commissioner appointed boards
  • Working on special projects to optimize community engagement in local governments

Contact Hilary about non-profit information.