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Leadership Academy Graduates 2011-2016

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NOTE: Designations by some names mean:
   D = Deceased
   NLE = No longer employed by Chatham County
   R = Retired

Class of 2011:

  • Jan Bazemore, Social Services (NLE)
  • Chris Cooper, Sheriff
  • Beth Dickens, Health
  • Azucena Espinoza, Health
  • Kay Everage, Planning (R)
  • Walter Farrar, Solid Waste & Recycling
  • Laura Lee Jeffries, Emergency Operations
  • Pam McCall, Health (NLE)
  • Bryan Phillips, Sheriff
  • Carrie Pritchard, Social Services
  • Maria Reyes, Social Services (NLE)
  • Rocco Richard, Parks & Recreation
  • Kimberly Tyson, Planning
  • Jan Wilkie, Social Services

Class of 2012:

  • Teresa Chapman, Waste Management (NLE)
  • Michael A. Copeland, Sheriff
  • J. Michael Cowell, Sr., Library
  • Jamelle F. Emerson, Emergency Operations
  • Dennis Bryant Gilmore, Council on Aging
  • James Carl Kivett, Health
  • Nancy Leaver, Health
  • Leonard McBryde III, Public Works
  • Jennifer Ann Stehle, Social Services
  • Jennifer Thomas, Social Services

Class of 2013:

  • Angela Allen, Finance
  • Arthur Ross Barber, Jr, Central Permitting
  • William W. Bussey, Jr., Parks & Recreation
  • Brad Clewis, Sheriff’s Office
  • Stacey Craven, Social Services
  • Jennifer Gillis, Library (R)
  • Dana Haven, Library
  • Jarek Payden, Sheriff's Office
  • Brian Stevens, Public Works
  • Rachel Thorn, Environmental Quality
  • Rosalyn Way, County Manager’s Office (R)

Class of 2014:

  • Denice Bryant, County Manager’s Office (NLE)
  • Al Davis, Central Permitting (NLE)
  • Courtney Goldston, County Manager’s Office
  • Donna Holland, Facilities
  • Wendy Lemons, Social Services
  • Barry Oldham, Health
  • Lindsay Ray, County Manager’s Office

Class of 2015:

  • Social Services: Katelyn Cannizzaro, Wilder Horner and Shayna Williams 
  • Sheriff’s Office: Preston R. Clemons, Wesley E. Hall, Tammy Owens Kirkman and Aron McIlvain
  • Public Health: Gary Thomas Jr. and Evelyn X. Lopez 
  • Register of Deeds: Peppi Medley Eliason 
  • Library: Mary E. “Beth” Kalb 
  • Planning: Hillary Kaye Rahe Pace 
  • Tax: Kimberly Roper Chatham 360º and Pretrial Release: Renita R. Foxx 
  • Chatham Literacy Council: Vicki Newell 
  • Chatham Trades: Shawn Brown Poe

Class of 2016:

  • Central Permitting: Eric Smith and Kacey Hargrove
  • Economic Development: Alyssa Byrd
  • Emergency Operations: Adam R. Gaines
  • Facilities: Jacqueline Williams
  • Health: Zach Deaton, Tara Gregory, Roxana B. Lopez, Sarah Weller Pegna, Kelsey Ann Pepper, Shvaughn Jordan Ross and Danielle S. White.
    Human Resources: Andrea L. Brady
  • Library: Vickie Currin
  • Pittsboro Police: Benjamin Andrew Hadley
  • Register of Deeds: Lunday A. Riggsbee
  • Sheriff: Cora Headen Brower, Paul J. Carroll, Leigh Anne Garrard, Brandon A. Jones, Erik Lindley, Todd McGee, Tabatha Norton, John K. Stauffer, William L. Summers, Jr., Rodney Joshua West, Melissa Whittemore and Donna Ellis Zogopoulos
  • Social Services: Laura Benitez, Nikia Bland, Melissa L. Hardy and Elizabeth S. Marshall.
  • Tax: Rodney Wiley
  • Water Utilities: Larry D. Bridges and Sara Wilkins
  • Other: Raymond Morgan and Rhianna Wells