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Leadership Academy Graduates 2007-2010

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NOTE: Designations by some names mean:
    D = Deceased
    NLE = No longer employed by Chatham County
    R = Retired

Class of 2007:

Roy Allen, Sheriff's Office
Charity MclLvain, Emergency Operations
Bonnie C. Dukeman, Health
Eugenia Ellington, Council on Aging (NLE)
Mark Ellington, MIS (R)
Michael D. Fox, Fleet Management (NLE)
Charles Gardner, Sheriff's Office
Sonya Gilliland, Waste Management
Cynthia Hughes, Social Services (R)
Tracy Painter Kelly, Sheriff's Office 
Jill Tillman Oldham, Health
Dina Reynolds, United Way
Harriett Siler, Health (NLE)
Doug Stuart, Sheriff's Office

Class of 2008:

Latisha M. Allen, Sheriff's Office (NLE)
Michael Boone, Central Permitting
Ronnie L. Brooks, Water Utility
Alana R. Coore, United Way
Percy Crutchfield, Sheriff's Office (now police chief for Town of Pittsboro)
Leticia O. DeGaetano, Health
Vicky Epps, Health (NLE)
Elizabeth Eubanks, Sheriff's Office (R)
Jane Rae Fawcett, Sheriff's Office (NLE)
Leslie C. Hayes, Social Services
Brad Johnson, Sheriff's Office
Emily T. Judge, Social Services (NLE)
Karen D. Kidd, Social Services
Jody K. Kotoris, Social Services
Cynthia Lambert, Health
Cacie Langley, Finance
Donna B. Locklear, Health
Roy Lowder, Water Utility (NLE)
Anne C. Lowry, Health
Alfreda Alston, Social Services (NLE)
Wayme Marsh, Water Utility
Lisa E. Morgan, Health
Marylouise S. Phillips, Tax (R)
Krista Jo Ritter, Health
Jason Sullivan, Planning
Kim A. Warren, Health
Reta White, Health
Jana S. Wiley, Health

Class of 2009:

Jan Beal, Social Services
Michael Bradley, MIS (NLE)
Celia Brooks, Health
Joe Birchett, Sheriff’s Office
Carla Daniel, MIS
Alicia Doran, Health
Margaret Goldston; Tax
Lynda Hall, Tax
Jennie Kristiansen, Social Services
Liz Marcum, Board of Commissioners (NLE)
Steve Maynor; Sheriff
Beverly McLean, Sheriff
Kelley Moody, Social Services
Phyllis Reid, Council on Aging (R)
Stacey Stuart, Tax (NLE)
Garland Tripp, Waste Management
Ernest Wilder, Social Services (NLE)
Edna Williams, Health (R)
Mike Williams, Sheriff
Tony Wilson, Planning (NLE)

Class of 2010:

Anne Allen, Social Services
Vickie Alston, Social Services
Kevin Campbell, Sheriff
Daniel Clevenger, Water
William Bruce Coble, Sheriff
Leslie Farrow, Social Services
Lindsay Hickling, Council on Aging
Karen Jones, Tax Office
Kenneth McDaniel, Sheriff
Joseph Parker, MIS
Thomas Ray Pulliam, Central Permitting (NLE)
Lora Rinaldi, Social Services (NLE)
Terri Ritter, Health
Ava Rives, Council on Aging (NLE)
Ingrid Milena Castro Salinas, Health
Angela Stalker, Social Services
Tereather Sutton, Social Services (NLE)
Michael A. Szpunar, Sheriff
Faye Tillman, Council on Aging
Lisa West, County Manager's Office
Jim Willis, SESC, Sustainable Communities (D)