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Leadership Academy Graduates 2003-2006

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NOTE:  Designations by some names mean: 
     D = Deceased
     NLE = No longer employed by Chatham County
     R = Retired

Class of 2003 (inaugural class)

Michelle Ballard, Water (NLE)
Mary R. Beall, Libraries (D)
Angela P. Birchett, Planning
Linda B. Clarke, Libraries
Marilyn F. Collins, Manager's Office
Terrianne Dubois, Sheriff's Office (NLE)
Sara P. Welch, Social Services
Emily R. Foushee, MIS (R)
Thomas J. Kenlan, Libraries (NLE)
Jody Moore, MIS (NLE)
Carl H. Outz, Jr., Soil & Water
Wendy Paschal, Water/Public Works
Rhonda J. Phillips, Social Services
Kathryn P. Scott, Finance
Janet M. Scott, Emergency Operations
Neha Shah, Travel & Tourism
Dawn Stumpf, Elections
Sandra B. Sublett, Manager's Office (R)
Tony S. Tucker, Emergency Operations
Jenny L. Williams, Central Permitting
Daisy T. Womble, Social Services (NLE)

Class of 2004:

Robin James, Finance
Margaret Awtry-Kirkman, Social Services
Brenda Marsh, Jail (NLE)
Susan Poe, Emergency Operations
Hope Tally, Finance
Cheryl Windsor, Health (NLE)

Class of 2005:

Tracy J. Baldwin, Emergency Operations
Sharon W. Brewer, Libraries
Virginia Guetgemann, Health
Dolly Huffman Clayton, Health (NLE)
Shirley A. Cotten, Health
Elizabeth Draper, Health (NLE)
Robert J. Holden, Waste Management (NLE)
Donna A. James, Social Services (NLE)
Rebecca S. McIver, Central Permitting
Sadie F. McLaurin, Council on Aging
Carolyn A. Miller, Manager's Office
Joey Mills, Waste Management
Mistie M. Phillips, Finance
Sherry L. Scully, Soil & Water (NLE)
Cindy Snipes, Social Services (R)
Joan P. Phillips-Trimmer, Health (D)
Amy L. Walls, Council on Aging (NLE)
Brenda Williams, Soil & Water
Sue F. Wilson, Health (NLE)

Class of 2006:

Kristin Lee Allen, Water
Gary L. Blankenship, Sheriff's Office (R)
Kimberly L. Hayes, Court Programs (NLE)
Deanna Jones, Social Services (NLE)
Don Metcalf, Facilities Management (NLE)
Miranda Moore, Social Services
Jenifer Everage, Economic Development (NLE)
Pandora C. Paschal, Elections
Elizabeth Plata, Health
Mike Roberson, Sheriff's Office
Patricia Denton Rounds, Library
Tina Stone, Tax (NLE)
Jonathan Talley, Emergency Operations (NLE)