Get Involved in Elections

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Every Election, the Chatham County Board of Elections seeks to find Election Officials to man the election voting stations.  Each Election voting site is staffed with a Chief Judge, two Party Judges and a number of assistants.  Generally the Chief and the Party Judges names are submitted by the parties and appointed by the Chatham County Board of Elections. However, in each election, we need additional persons to work at the polling places.

If you are interested in becoming an Election Official in Chatham County or if you have any questions, please email

You can see a short explanation of precinct officials duties and responsibilities here.  

All Election Officials are required to attend training for each election.  You will be compensated for work on Election Day and for training.

The Student Election Assistant Program allows for students that meet certain requirements to serve as assistants in both Primary and General Elections.

You can find more information about being an Election Day Official or as a Student Election official here.   You can print and complete the forms and mail them to Chatham County Elections, PO Box 111, Pittsboro, NC  27312 or notify the Director by email if you are interested.  


You can also become involved by participating in voter registration drives.  We can help provide any materials to help you in any efforts to register voters.