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Public Input & Hearings Sign-Up Form

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PUBLIC HEARINGS:  Most public hearings are slated for the evening Regular Session meetings of the Chatham County Board of County Commissioners, which are typically held the third Monday of the month and usually in the evening. However, meeting dates may vary depending on holidays and special issues that arise.  Hearings may deal with land use issues, changes in ordinances or other issues.

Depending on the type of hearing and topic, there may be specific rules concerning how long and who can speak at certain public hearings. For example, anyone can sign up to speak at public hearings on countywide ordinances, whereas land use hearings may be restricted to residents directly impacted by the land use issue, such as adjacent neighbors.

Any special rules that apply to the public hearing will be announced prior to the start of the public hearing.

Deadline for submitting the online form to sign up in advance to speak at a public hearing are outlined below.
  • Complete and submit the form below by noon on the Friday preceding the Monday meeting date or you can sign up on-site at the beginning of the meeting.

Click here to complete the Public Input & Public Hearing Sign Up Form

  At the beginning of every Work Session (usually afternoons) and Regular Session (usually evening, the commissioners have provided a Public Input period.  Total input period is usually limited to 30 minutes unless waived for special circumstances.  You can sign up using the form below or you can sign up onsite at the beginning of the meeting. Comments are limited to THREE minutes.

Click here to complete the Public Input & Public Hearing Sign Up Form