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Board of Commissioner Meeting Overview

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The Chatham County Board of Commissioners typically meets on the third Monday of the month, and sometimes on the first Monday of the month. Other meetings are held as needed or changed to another date due to holidays or special issues.

Meeting Times & Locations: The regular meetings are typically held in the evening at 6 pm, usually in the Historic Courthouse Courtroom in Pittsboro.  Work sessions are usually held preceding the regular meeting in the afternoon, usually around 2 or 2:30 pm. 

Legistar: Your Access to

All Commissioner Actions

and Meeting Videos

As of January 14, 2013, Chatham County initiated a new online portal called Legistar for the public to view and search all items considered by the Board of Commissioners. You can also search minutes and agendas and find all supporting documents, starting with January 14, 2013

VIDEOS: You also can find videos of past meetings indexed by agenda item, allowing you to readily find portions of interest. Look for the video icon in the last column beside the meeting date.

CLICK HERE to access commissioner meeting information and videos.

Open Meetings Law: All meetings are advertised publicly in accordance with the North Carolina Open Meetings Law.

Agendas: Agendas are typically on the website the Friday before the Monday meeting, but printed agendas are available at the meetings. You can also access the agendas through Legistar, the county’s comprehensive public access point for all action items from meetings of the Board of Commissioners, effective January 14, 2013.  You can sign up to receive copies of the agenda at:

Minutes: Minutes for the meetings of the Board of Commissioners are the official record of the meetings and must be approved before public distribution. This means it may take several weeks for minutes to be posted on the website. You can also access the minutes through Legistar, the county’s comprehensive public access point for all action items from meetings of the Board of Commissioners, effective January 14, 2013.

Consent Agendas: The part of the meeting agenda designated as the Consent Agenda is designed to include non-controversial items that can be dealt with swiftly with one motion. However, any commissioner or citizens can ask to have an item removed from the Consent Agenda to be dealt with as a standard agenda item.

Public Input: Every regular meeting includes a public input period at the beginning of the meeting for citizens to address any issue that is not part of the meeting’s official agenda or public hearing. This part of the agenda is limited to 30 minutes and speakers are limited to THREE minutes each, but you must sign up before the meeting starts. Written comments are also accepted. 

Resolutions and Ordinances: Resolutions of the Board of Commissioners express the position of the Board on a specific issue. They are numbered and maintained by the County Clerk to the Board. Ordinances are official actions taken by the Board of Commissioners as a law-making body. For more on ordinances,click here.

Videos of Commissioner Meetings:  We have an extensive video library of past commissioners meetings, except those held at off-site locations not equipped for video recording.

  • Meetings Since Fall of 2013:  Since late September 2013, most videos are available and can be found at  The most recent meetings are shown first. If a video is available, a link to it is in the very last column beside the meeting date.  The videos are indexed by agenda topic, so you can move to the issues you are interested in. To see meetings that are further back, use the drop down menu that says THIS MONTH and change it whatever timeframe you like.   
  • Older Meeting Videos:  We still have several years of videos on Vimeo, dating back to January 2012, when we first started recording the meetings. These videos are not indexed by topic.

Clerk to the Board: Lindsay Ray serves as the Clerk to the Board of Commissioners. The clerk is appointed by the board every two years in December. The duties include preparation of meeting agendas and materials for board meetings, records the minutes of meetings, and completes follow-up action after meetings, such as maintaining the county ordinances.

Citizens may contact Lindsay Ray at 919-542-8200 or to have an item placed on the board's agenda, to sign up to speak during a board meeting, for copies of minutes, or to inquire about follow-up actions from board meetings. She also can help you with questions about upcoming meetings.