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Library Advisory Committee

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The Library Advisory Committee advises library staff on the operation of the county’s public libraries. The adopted goals are:

GOAL 1: Represent and respond to current library system needs and issues and identify emerging trends, challenges, opportunities and needs.

• Provide feedback on proposed new policies or revisions to existing policies
• Work with the Library Director as needed to advocate for library funding needs
• Work with the Library Director to obtain or collect data to identify current needs and emerging trends

GOAL 2: Promote usage of the library services and programs by all residents.

• Identify barriers usage of the libraries and effective ways to address the barriers
      Focus Area: Reaching those who are not internet connected or not documented residents.
• Identify and use communications strategies to reach diverse populations
      Focus Area: Presentations and other outreach to churches, nonprofits, agencies, book clubs, etc.
• Enhance library facilities to be as inviting and visible as possible
     Focus Area: Signage, plantings, outdoor art, sitting areas, etc.

MEETINGS: The committee meets four times a year. The meetings are rotated between the three libraries in Goldston, Pittsboro and Siler City.  To view upcoming meetings, click here and select Library Advisory Committee meetings in the dropdown list.

MEMBERS: The six members are appointed by the County Board of Commissioners. Current members are:

  • Chair, Jeanne Marie Patterson
  • Rhoda Berkowitz
  • Don Knowles
  • Christine Minor
  • Patty Poe
  • Julietta Pridgen

NOTE: The current liaison from the Board of Commissioners is Commissioner Karen Howard

CONTACT: Library Director Linda Clarke, 919-545-8081