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Climate Change Resources

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The Education & Outreach Subcommittee of the Chatham County Advisory Committee on Climate
Change develops and proposes recommendations for educating and informing County residents
about climate change in ways to increase awareness of the causes, impacts, and solutions to a range
of global and regional effects of global warming.

Such recommendations address key scientific aspects, economic impacts, strategies to reduce
emissions (mitigation), and ways to prepare for, and adapt to, effects of climate change on people,
the environment, institutions, and communities.

Educational Resources

The following are links to educational resources relating to climate change:

North Carolina Forest Service- woodpland plan preparation

Effects of Climate Change in the Southeast- North Carolina Climate Office

Climate Opinion Maps- Yale Program on Climate Change Communication

Public Health Indicators of Climate Change- Aaron Fleischauer, PhD, MSPH, Center for Disease Control and Prevention (presentation from Central Carolina Community College)
The Climate Reality Project - The Climate Reality Leadership Corps (John Graybeal and Amanda Robertson are members of the Leadership Corps, along with Betsy Downing in the community) 

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)
Risky Business: The Economic Risks of Climate Change in the United States
Climate Change: Evidence & Causes - An Overview from The Royal Society and the U.S. National Academy of Sciences
United States Environmental Protection Agency’s Climate Change Site
NASA Climate Change Site
NASA Climate Change Facts: How Do We Know?
World Meteorological Organization - A United Nations Agency

Causes of Climate Change

Union of Concerned Scientists: How Do We Know Humans Are the Major Cause of Global Warming?
Climate Blog - Earth Right Now

Green House Gas On-Line - All About Greenhouse Gas Science
Climate Central

States at Risk - This report card explores the preparedness actions that each of the 50 states are taking in relation to their current and future changes in climate threats. 

The Climate Benefits of Healthy Forests - Yale Climate Connection, with audio

Environmental Defense Fund Climate 411
The Nature Conservancy: Threats and Impacts of Climate Change
On-Line Climate Science Tool Kits - American Chemical Society

Real Climate - Climate science from climate scientists

Pacific Climate Change Portal

101 Top Web Resources on Climate Change

Citizens Climate Education and Climate Education Tools

Citizens Climate Lobby

North Carolina Students for Climate Action

Short Answers to Hard Questions About Climate Change - The New York Times 2015


Chatham County Regional Environmental Resource Site

This site is a blog style website that does not allow for any comments. It includes ongoing, updated embedded articles, scientific reports, quality videos, resources, etc. on climate change and related environmental matters.  Climate change entries.
Disclaimer: This is not an official resource of Chatham County or of the Climate Change Advisory Committee.


Climate Change Bibliography

Listed alphabetically by author's last name.

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[FREE PDF download from the Earth Policy Institute]

3. Climate Central, Global Weirdness: Severe Storms, Deadly Heat Waves, Relentless
Drought, Rising Seas and the Weather of the Future

4. Climate Change: Evidence and Causes (National Academy of Sciences) / Royal Society)
[Downloads as a FREE booklet]

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Let Science Do the Talking the Next Time Someone Tries to Tell You . . .

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