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Mission Statement:  To review and discuss current topics of joint interest between Chatham County and Orange County, and the municipalities therein, particularly in the northern portion of Chatham County and the southern portion of Orange County. Future actions could result from the discussions.

The Task Force will meet three times per year and the meetings will alternate between participating jurisdictions. The meetings will be led by a representative of the host jurisdiction; there will not be a formal Chair/Vice-Chair. Meeting attendees will be the local government appointees with other staff attendees based on agenda issues. Meetings are open to any interested member of the public, in accordance with State open meeting requirements.


Topics of discussion may include:
• Comprehensive planning, including land use and demographics
• Regional Development (e.g., Chatham Park and Obey Creek)
• Traffic and transportation, including corridor planning
• Public transit, including rural systems
• Water resources and regulations, including Jordan lake
• Economic development
• Broadband
• Affordable housing
• Environmental areas of joint interest
• Legislative agendas, including courts (district 15B)
• Emergency Services Radio System (opportunities for joint towers and/or joint system)
• Social Services
• Opportunities for joint ventures


Chatham-Orange Joint Planning Task Force Membership:

Jim Crawford - Chatham County Elected Official

Mike Dasher - Chatham County Elected Official

Barry Jacobs - Orange County Elected Official

Penny Rich - Orange County Elected Official

Michael Fiocco - Town of Pittsboro Elected Official

Lydia Lavelle - Town of Carrboro Elected Official

Pam Hemminger - Town of Chapel Hill Elected Official