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Board of Social Services

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The Board of Social Services provides general guidance and consultation for the Department of Social Services. The Board also advises the county and municipal leaders on policies and plans to improve social conditions of the community. The board appoints and works closely with the Director of Social Services to support the Department’s efforts to: protect vulnerable children and adults; strengthen and preserve families; provide access to health care and better nutrition; and promote economic stability while encouraging personal responsibility. 

MEETINGS: The board typically meets the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 3 pm in the Social Services Conference Room in Pittsboro. 

PUBLIC INPUT: During each meeting there is time allowed for public input in order for citizens to have an opportunity to speak. The session is no more than thirty minutes and speakers are limited to no more than three minutes each and may not give their time to another speaker. Speakers are required to sign up in advance. Individuals who wish to speak but cannot because of time constraints will be carried to the next meeting and given priority. We apologize for the tight time restrictions. They are necessary to ensure that we complete our business. If you have insufficient time to finish your presentation, we welcome your comments in writing.

MEMBERS: Two of the board members are appointed by the County Board of Commissioners and two are appointed by the State Social Services Commission. These four appoint the fifth member.  Current members are:

  • Richard Edwards, Chair - Appointed by State Social Services Commission
  • Thomas Droke, Member - Appointed by State Social Services Commission
  • Carl Thompson, Sr., Member- Appointed by County Board of Commissioners
  • Valerie Broadway, Member - Appointed by County Board of Commissioners
  • Emily Lowrance-Member - Appointed by Social Service Board Members

 Board Meeting Agendas and Minutes 


NOTE: County Commissioner Liaison is Mike Dasher.

CONTACT: Jennie Kristiansen, Social Services Director, 919-542-2759.