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Adult Care Advisory Committee

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This advisory committee plays a key role in protecting the rights and safety of residents living in either adult care homes or nursing homes.

Adult care homes are long-term care facilities providing 24 hours of personal care and supervision and include assisted living facilities, rest homes, and family care homes.

Nursing homes are 24-hour long-term care facilities providing supervision, personal care and skilled nursing care.

According to state law, the advisory committee's responsibilities are to: 

  • Stay apprised of general conditions for those residing in long-term care facilities;
  • Make official unannounced quarterly visits to each adult care home and nursing homes as well as unannounced annual visits to family care homes (reports are public records available through regional ombudsman);
  • Prepare reports as required by the NC Division of Aging & Adult Services to cite concerns encountered and long-term care issues in general;
  • Serve as a central point for fostering increased community involvement in long-term care facilities;
  • Promote community education and awareness of the needs of residents in long-term care facilities; and
  • Work toward keeping the public informed about aspects of long-term care and the operation of homes in the county.

FACILITY VISITS:   During visits, residents and family members are encouraged to talk with advisory committee members about concerns or questions.  Any information shared with advisory committee members is completely confidential and will not be repeated without permission.  It is illegal for any facility staff person to try to interfere when a resident wants to make a complaint.  It is also illegal to discriminate against a resident or discharge them from the facility after a complaint is made. 

VIEW VISITATION REPORTS:  Quarterly reports of visits to the homes in the county are posted below when made available:

MEMBERS: The committee members are local citizens appointed by the County Board of Commissioners as volunteer grassroots advocates for residents in adult care and nursing homes. Current members are:

  • Vicki Evans
  • Drew Weniger
  • Traci Addison
  • Shawn Poe
  • Anita Tesh
  • Paul Bolig
  • Martha Tollers
  • Christina Horsford
  • Megan Key

County commissioner liaison to the committee is Walter Petty.

MEETINGS: For information on meetings, contact Autumn Cox, Ombudsman,, 919-558-9401

The committee typically meets the 2nd Monday every other month from 4:30-6:00 pm. The upcoming schedule is as follows:

  • 2/12/2018
  • 4/09/2018
  • 6/11/2018
  • 8/13/2018
  • 10/08/2018
  • 12/10/2018

REGIONAL OMBUDSMAN:  The regional ombudsman works with advisory committees in several counties in the region. Major responsibilities include:

At least quarterly, attend county advisory committee meetings and review reports of member visits to long-term care facilities;  
  •  Provide initial and on-going training and technical assistance to committee members
  •  Present information on committee activity to county commissioners and other specified groups;
  • Foster communications between the committee and social services, council on aging and other related groups;
  • Participate in any formal complaint resolution process with committee members and social services;
  • Perform community outreach;
  • Maintain and provide committee contact information and terms of service;
  • Process mileage and activity reports (quarterly); and
  • Forward annual report completed by chair to appropriate groups (county commissioners, social services director, state ombudsman, etc.)  

 CONTACTS:   Regional Ombudsman: Autumn Cox,, 919-558-9401