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Several Areas & Structures in Southern Chatham Experiencing Flooding

Post Date:09/18/2018 2:45 PM
Chatham County Emergency Management, Chatham County Sheriff’s Office and several fire departments have been monitoring new flooding along and near the Deep River in the areas of Indian Creek Estates, Carbonton, Gulf, and other spots in the southern region. Several locations have been isolated by water blocking roads and some structures are flooded.

As of 2 PM Tuesday, most of the affected residents had opted not to evacuate, even with water not yet subsiding. The county is aware of only one household evacuating to higher ground. Crews are still on the ground assessing how many structures are impacted and the status of floodwater levels. Responders have already moved a Lee County Zodiac boat close to the area if needed for rescue or evacuation.

Steve Newton, director of Emergency Management, said “We are still determining the source of the floodwaters. This water may be from the Deep River itself, from heavy rain runoff without a good way to drain or a combination of sources. This makes it very hard to know when these residents can expect relief from flooding.”

The Sheriff’s Office and fire departments have remained in touch with residents in the area. Emergency Management also will use CodeRed to notify residents in this area of updates and recommended actions.