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Chatham County Animal Shelter to Microchip All Adopted Animals

Post Date:04/20/2018 4:19 PM

Beginning Monday, April 23rd, the Chatham County Animal Shelter will microchip all animals adopted from the shelter.  The microchips will be implanted at adoption for no additional cost.

The microchip is the size of a grain of rice and, once implanted and registered, will allow Animal Services to locate the owners of an animal that has strayed from home. All Animal Service officers and shelter staff have microchip scanners that enable them to scan animals for an implanted microchip. If a stray animal is found with a registered microchip that links to the current owner’s information, that animal will be returned to its owner instead of being impounded at the shelter.

“Animal Services’ number one priority when dealing with stray animals is to find the owners of the animal so it doesn’t have to be impounded at our shelter,” stated Animal Services Director Alan Canady. “With the encouragement of the Board of Health and through the work of CARE, we have determined that implanting adopted animals with microchips will be an effective tool to help animals find their way home. Animal Services will always recommend, along with mandatory rabies vaccinations, that every animal owner spay/neuter and microchip their pets.”

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