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Meth Lab Recovered on Bonlee-Bennett Roadside

Post Date:04/02/2018

On March 29, a concerned resident contacted the Chatham County Sheriff’s Office to report some suspicious debris by the roadside near the 1300 block of Bonlee-Bennett Road. Deputies responded to the area and discovered a methamphetamine “shake and bake”-style lab crafted from a 2-liter soda bottle. These labs are often dangerously volatile and can spark explosions. Deputies were able to remove the lab without incident and are currently investigating the source of the lab.

“We appreciate our community partners for reaching out to us in these situations,” says Sheriff Mike Roberson. “If you notice suspicious packages or debris near your home or in your neighborhood, do not attempt to touch or move them. Call 911 immediately with a description and location of the item and let us investigate.”

Anyone with information regarding the lab recovered on Bonlee-Bennett Road should contact the Chatham County non-emergency line at 919-542-2911. If you suspect any illegal activity in your area, call 911 to share your concerns with authorities.

Bottle Lab

Pictured: “Shake and bake” meth lab recovered from roadside



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