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Chatham Commissioners Approve Revisions to the County's Noise Ordinance

Post Date:03/20/2018 10:53 AM

On March 19, 2018, the Chatham County Board of Commissioners approved revisions to the county’s noise ordinance, which modified the process for filing noise complaints and the penalties for verified violations. The ordinance only covers areas outside the jurisdiction of the towns.

Under the revised ordinance, those with noise complaints have two options for reporting “unreasonably loud and disturbing noise.”  

  • People may still contact law enforcement to report a suspected noise violation. The officers would take any follow up action based on evidence collected. 
  • Alternatively, at least two persons from two different households who have heard the noise may opt to directly contact the Chatham County Magistrate’s Office to file a report and possibly swear out a warrant. The complaining parties must verify that they have made the effort to ask the offending party to stop the noise. The magistrate will review the evidence provided by complainants under oath.

The Magistrate’s Office for Chatham County is located in the Chatham County Detention Center (jail) located at 627 Renaissance Drive, just west of Pittsboro. A magistrate is on duty 24 hours a day. During regular business hours, they can be reached at 919-545-3519 in Pittsboro. After hours, call 919-542-2911.

The ordinance revisions also include changes to the penalties for documented violations. Anyone who violates the county’s noise ordinance would be guilty of a misdemeanor, which could include a jail term not exceeding 30 days or a fine no greater than $500, or both. Each day of a continuing violation would be deemed a separate offense.