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Who Clears and Treats Roads and Bridges in Chatham?

Post Date:01/04/2018 2:35 PM

A common and pressing question after snow and ice events: who will clear and treat our roads?

The answer may be disappointing to newcomers. County governments in North Carolina do not maintain nor treat icy or damaged roadways.  We do not even own equipment to do so. This role is unusual across the nation, but has been in place for decades. 

The vast majority of our roads and highways are maintained and treated by NC Department of Transportation.  A few streets in the towns are maintained by town governments.  Private roads are managed by the property owners rather than DOT or towns.  

While this system has many benefits, but a downside is that many rural roads are a lower priority than major arteries after storms lead to icy roads. These rural roads may be icy for days in frigid weather. 

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