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Titanic: The Halifax Dead Speak (Part 2), Presented by Melinda Ratchford, Ed.D.

 We are very excited to have Dr. Melinda Ratchford back for the next segment of her Titanic presentation!


Part II

All the people who traveled on the Titanic in April of 1912 are now dead.  Many lived decades longer to tell their story.  The ones who died that night did not have that chance.  Dr. Melinda Ratchford, through multimedia and memorabilia, will tell a few of their stories for them.

 Body #4 – male – estimated age 2.  HAIR – Fair, CLOTHING – grey

        Coat with fur on collar and cuffs; brown serge frock; brown petticoat;

  flannel garment; pink woolen singlet; brown shoes and stockings


After traveling to Halifax and visiting the graves of the 336 bodies recovered, Dr. Ratchford learned that even after a tragedy such as the Titanic sinking, the stories of heroism, cowardice, common sense, faith and hope, live on.  Learn about the brave sailors from the Mackay Bennett, Minia, and Monmangy; the newly devised numbering system for and sadly needed again in 1917 during the deadly Halifax Explosion; how to determine whether to bury someone in the Catholic, Protestant or  Jewish cemetery and other intriguing issues that survived the sinking of the Titanic. 

This event is free and open to the public and is made possible with funding from the North Carolina Humanities Council .



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