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On March 19, 2018, the Board of Commissioners voted to set up a task force of nine members made up of residents of Chatham County to explore all options available to the citizens of Chatham County regarding potentially new County Commissioner districts and methods of their election, which would include, but not be limited to, district only voting; at-large representation; a continuation of the current method of election; and/or some combination thereof. The Board also voted to appoint nine registered voters in Chatham County through a public application process consisting of three Democrats, three Republicans and three Unaffiliated voters in consultation with the North Carolina Association of County Commissioners. Finally the Board voted to request that the task force make its first report to the County Board of Commissioners at the first Board of Commissioners meeting in July of 2018.


Explore all options available to the citizens of Chatham County regarding potentially new county commissioner districts and methods of their election, including but not limited to:

  • District only voting
  • At large voting
  • Continuation of current system
  • Some combination of the above

That means the Task Force should study 1) whether to increase the number of commissioners on the Chatham County Board of Commissioners and 2) whether to change the method by which commissioners are elected, including:

  • Election by districts
  • Election at large
  • A combination of at large and districts


Lisa Cole
Sarah D’Amato (Co-Vice Chair)
Phillip Gilfus
Peyton Holland (Chair)
Butch Hudson
Carolyn Jefferson-Jenkins
Sara Lambert (Co-Vice Chair)
Ruth Lewter
Carl Thompson Sr.


Click here to provide comments to the Election Method Task Force.

Anyone may also submit comments at any regular Board of Commissioners Meeting during the Public Input Session.  Each speaker can speak for three minutes on any topic.  Click here to sign up to speak at a BOC meeting.


The task force is collecting information and research on election methods of local officials as part of its work.  To view these files, click here.