Chatham County Maps

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Legend/User Guide

  • The tabs above the map allow users to display a map with the information they would like to see. For example, the tab "Unemployment rate" presents a map with the unemployment rates in each section of the county. By scrolling over or clicking on a certain area, the unemployment rate will be displayed. The down arrow to the left of the tabs shows all available maps.
  • To reset a map, click on the circle arrow below the map.
  • To download a map as a PDF, JPEG etc, click on the arrow to the left of the reset arrow and select the desired file type.
  • Most maps are divided into census block groups, which are specific areas of the county. If you scroll over or click on a certain block group, information about that area will appear.
  • Each block group is identified by a specific "ET_ID" number. On the Census Data Summary tab, if you click on an ET_ID number, the corresponding block group will be highlighted.
  • The Chatham County food vendors tab shows all food vendors (non restaurants, such as grocery stores, supermarkets, and corner stores) in Chatham County, current as of July 2013. To the left of the map, a legend indicates healthy food availability at each store. Stores that sell foods from all categories necessary to create a MyPlate ( meet the MyPlate criteria. The number of different types of fresh fruit and vegetables (FFV) is also displayed. For example, a store that sells something from all MyPlate food types and has at least five different types of FFVs would be displayed on the map as a green circle. These are also referred to as "Healthy Food Vendors." If you click on a certain category in the legend, only the stores from that category will appear.
  • Tobacco advertising three feet or less above ground is likely to be at eye-level for children. In addition, flavored tobacco products may increase appeal to youth ( Therefore, those vendors which are located near schools and have one or both of these present are shown on one of the maps.
  • We are currently working to add Chatham County towns to the maps. For reference, please see the map below that shows towns in their corresponding block group.
  • Please contact Mike Zelek at with any questions or comments. Note that our mapping capabilities are limited.


Chatham Block Groups with Towns


2010 US Census: population, race, ethnicity, income, poverty, unemployment

2013 UNC student project (funded through Community Transformation Grant): Healthy food vendors, EBT/WIC, tobacco/alcohol vendors