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Court-Related County Services

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Chatham County has two human services agencies that provide court-related services:

Family Visitation Services of Chatham County

This program provides a safe and comfortable environment for supervised visits and monitored exchanges of children by and between parents in situations involving domestic violence, child abuse, sexual assault or stalking. The program is federally funded through the Office of Judicial Programs and Violence Against Women Office, but is administered by Chatham County.

The primary visitation center is located in downtown Pittsboro and includes three furnished visitation rooms that are family-friendly and equipped with toys and activities for the family.

Cost: There is no fee for services if either parent is a resident of Chatham County.

Contact:  919-542-5281, Email:

Chatham 360º 

Chatham 360º  First Offender Program (formerly Project Turn Around) is a program for first-time drug offenders and those who are involved in non-violent crimes with a documented substance abuse problem. It provides an alternative to incarceration and seeks to keep participants from committing a second drug related offense. 

Participants charged with misdemeanor crimes spend six to eight months in the program and participants charged with felonies spend one year. At the successful completion of the program, the charges are dismissed. Court fees are also waived.

Individuals are referred mainly by the District Attorney's Office, but are also referred by judges, public defenders and private attorneys. Self-referrals are accepted.


  • First-time drug offenders charged with a drug or drug-related charge
  • 16 years or older
  • Persons involved in non-violent crimes with a documented substance abuse program


  • Pre-trial and post-trial assessments
  • Intensive monitoring and tracking
  • Vocational rehabilitation referrals
  • Random urine screens
  • Monitoring of GED completion
  • Assistance in obtaining employment
  • First Encounters out-patient treatment / drug education program
  • Relapse / process groups
  • Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous may be required
  • Out of county / state referrals
Pre-trial and post-trial assessments

Length of the Program: felonies 10-12 months; misdemeanors 6-8 months


Felony Offenders
Total felony fees


Misdemeanor Offenders
Total misdemeanor fees


*Additional $100 for out-of-county participants

Address Chatham County Justice Center, 40 E. Chatham Street, Suite 1300, Pittsboro,NC 27312

Contact Information: 919-642-1213, Email: