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In August 2014, the Board of Commissioners adopted a temporary moratorium on oil and gas development activities in the county. The moratorium requires that a report be prepared addressing the expected impacts to the county and developing ordinance provisions to address the anticipated impacts. To address the first part of the action items, the County has contracted with a consultant to draft a Natural Gas Impacts Study, as outlined in Section 7 of the moratorium. 

Moratorium on Oil and Gas Development 

The consultant is Charles Yuill, Associate Professor at West Virginia University and private consultant, who has a background in environmental planning. The contract includes a meeting with the Commissioners and several advisory boards to provide an initial analysis and also receive input from board members. The meeting was scheduled for June 13 at 6pm in the Agriculture and Conference Center.

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The County Board of Commissioners held a public hearing to extend a temporary moratorium on oil and gas development activities within Chatham County, NC during their regular meeting July 17th 2017. 

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The Hydraulic Fracturing Background Assessment was completed by Charles Yuill October 2017.

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