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Enjoy your holidays safely!

Many people don't realize that food safety is the most important ingredient in preparing food for the holidays. Below are some helpful food safety resources to keep your holidays happy.


Zika 06-2016
Zika Virus Information


Coal Ash Questions

Do you have questions about coal ash? The North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources (NCDENR) has a number you can call for questions regarding water sampling and other related issues. To speak with someone about these issues, call 919-707-5900.

Chatham County also has its own webpage with information specific to the Brickhaven mine disposal site.  Click here.  


ST Wooten formerly Lee Paving NCDOT Remediation Documentation

ST Wooten site assessment 1997   ST Wooten 2012 Receptor Survey  2013 ST Wooten soil assessment
 ST Wooten Ground water sampling 1998  2012 ST Wooten Supplemental Site  2013 ST Wooten fish memo
 ST Wooten 1999 Corrective Action Plan  2012 ST Wooten Soil investigation  2014 ST Wooten injection event memo
 ST Wooten Corrective Action Plan 2000  2013 ST Wooten Receptor Survey  2015 ST Wooten semi annual monitoring
 ST WOOTEN 2010 Site assessment  2013 ST Wooten Phytoremediation  2015 ST Wooten semi annual monitoring March


CLICK HERE! North Carolina Website on
 Private Well Water and Your Health


CLICK HERE! Chatham County Private Well Water
Sampling Data and Contaminant Statistics


CLICK HERE! Protect Yourself from Ticks & Tick Borne Illnesses


Tick Picture


CLICK HERE! Do you feel ill after exposure to ticks or tick habitats?

Bed bugs 2




CLICK HERE!  Sleep Tight Don't Let the Bed Bugs Bite!! 


CLICK HERE! Health Concerns about Misuse of
Pesticides for Bed Bug Control




Indoor Air Quality  

Recently, indoor air quality (IAQ) has become a major health concern for many people. As we go about our daily lives, we all are faced with risks to our health. Exposures to environmental pollutants pose certain health risks. Scientific evidence has indicated that the air within our homes and businesses can become polluted. As people spend more and more time indoors, the risks to our health increases. By educating the community, Chatham County Public Health Department Division of Environmental Health hopes to help the people of Chatham County live in safe and healthy homes. For more information about indoor air quality, go to the indoor quality air page: Indoor Air Quality Page


Daily Deadline for Money Transactions

Environmental Health does not accept any money transactions after 4:00 p.m. daily. This includes applications for permits, water samples, and any payments via, cash, check or money order.