Absentee Voting

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Requests by Mail

Beginning in 2014, a request for an absentee ballot by mail must be made in writing on a form created by the State Board of Elections and signed by the voter or near relative or legal guardian.  You can find the form here.

These requests must be received in the office no later than the Tuesday prior to Election Day. Ballots will be mailed within one to two days after receipt of the written request. Voted ballots should be received back in the Board of Elections office by 5:00 pm on the day of the Election. Ballots may be counted if received in the Board of Elections office by 5 pm on the Friday after the Election if the ballot is postmarked by Election Day.

Overseas or Military Voters

See the State Board of Elections website for instructions to obtain an absentee ballot through e-mail or fax. Click here for a link to the State Board of Elections website. 

Early or One Stop Voting

If you are registered to vote in Chatham County, you may vote One-Stop No Excuse. The One-Stop No Excuse Absentee voting process permits voting at designated locations prior to Election Day. The locations and times will be updated on our website prior to each election. One-Stop No Excuse Voting begins on the third Thursday before Election Day and ends at 1:00 pm on the Saturday before the Election.

Absentee Lists

You can download absentee lists that are updated daily. The lists for the State of North Carolina are available for download: Click here. Any interested person can request a Chatham County daily report by sending your e-mail address to pandora.paschal@chathamnc.org