Programs & Services

Stormwater Program: responsible for administration and enforcement of the Chatham County Stormwater Ordinance. Services include plan reviews and permit issuance for development applications and Illicit Discharge Reporting.

Watershed Protection: services include making or approving surface water classifications, review and approval of riparian buffer maps, interpreting the Watershed Protection Ordinance for uses, variances and appeals.

Floodplain: services generally include technical assistance to staff and citizen’s concerning all matters pertaining to the Special Flood Hazard Areas in Chatham County and the Flood Damage Protection Ordinance.

Who to Call: 

 Stormwater Inquiries and Illicit Discharge Reporting   Rachael Thorn (919) 545-8343
 Riparian Buffer Calls and Watershed Inquiries  Stewart Pickens (919) 545-8394
 Floodplain  Dan LaMontagne (919) 545-8531

For Erosion Control, click HERE.

 Stormwater Ordinance

Stormwater Permit Application

 Review & Permit Fees  

 As-Built Submission Form
 Jordan Lake Stormwater Load Accounting Tool User's Manual  Stormwater Nutrient Load Accounting Tool (Excel 2003)

 Buffer Services Packet  

 Stormwater Nutrient Load Accounting Tool (Excel 2007)

Forms & Resources:  

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