Chatham County continues to make more and more information available here with the goal of transparent government. We will be addiing more items over the next few weeks, including videos of the Board of Commissioners meetings and specific financial information. 

Sign Up for E-Notices:  Stay informed on county government activities and meetings by signing for email notices.  You can choose from an array of choices, including upcoming Board of Commissioner meeting agendas, county news releases, department events, etc.

Sign Up for Public Input:  You can sign up online to provide comments at public hearings or public input sessions. You also can submit written comments using this same form.

Make a Public Records Request: Under Construction (please check back soon)

Apply for a County Board or Committee:  Complete an online form to serve on a county advisory board of committee.  You can found out more about what the boards and committees do at that link.

Statewide Study of County Salaries (includes Health Care Costs):  Includes salaries by county of key positions and health care costs. Report from the School of Government at UNC-Chapel Hill provides 2010 data.

County Budget:  Includes links to current adopted budget as well as budgets for the past few years.

Online Videos of Commissioner Meetings:  Available effective May 16, 2011. At this time, the videos do not include special meetings longer than four hours, such as budget work sessions coming up in June, until we can secure additional resources to manage videos of that length.

Five-Year Capital Improvement Plans:  Provides links to the current and most recent previous five-year capital improvement plans for the county.

County Financial Audits (includes full Annual Financial Information Report):  Includes links to the most recent audits of the county. Chatham County has consistently won the top national awards for its comprehensive audit reports.

Checkbook Registers: Includes monthly checkbook register statements, effective December 2010.  

 Includes monthly checkbook register statements, effective December 2010.  

Obligations for Future Retirees:  Includes fiscal liability for county payments of separation allowance for future law enforcement retirees. See pages 3-5.

Proposed & Adopted Resolutions and Agreements: Includes copies of proposed resolutions or agreements that are up for consideration by the Board of Commissioners. We also post copies of the final adopted versions.

Minutes of Commissioner Meetings:  Includes adopted minutes by year are posted here.

Chatham Component of State Transportation Improvement Plan:  Includes Chatham County highway projects adopted and included in the North Carolina Transportation Improvement Plan. See pages 430-434.

Local Government Revenue Report from the NC Dept. of Revenue:  Includes reports on sales and use taxes. Chatham County's revenue information is provided in each of the reports listed. 

County Job Positions by Job Salary Grade: Includes a list of job classifications and their assigned salary grade and pay range.

Major County Contracts: Any contracts and agreements requiring approval of the Board of Commissioners are posted, starting Jan. 3, 2012.

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