On May 17th, 2010, the Chatham County Board of Commissioners appointed 21 residents to a task force to study and make recommendations to the commissioners about the use of the Historic Courthouse when it is time for rebuilding. Its work was completed in August 2010.

Final Report

of Task Force

Click here to view the final report of the Historic Courthouse Task Force, which was presented to the Board of Commissioners on Sept. 7, 2010 at 9 AM in the Agriculture Auditorium in Pittsboro.

PURPOSE:  The task force identified the potential functions for the courthouse and make recommendations to the Board of Cdmmissioners on the most appropriate functions to be housed in the rebuilt facility. Click here to view the Official Charge from the Board of Commissioners to the task force.

Warren Miller from Fountainworks worked with the task force to help them review options and develop recommendations by August, 2010. The process included a public forum and a public survey to get input on the rebuilding process.


  • Courts: Superior Court Judge Allen Baddour, District Court Judge Page Vernon, and Clerk of Court Sam Cooper
  • Town of Siler City: Richard Szary
  • Town of Pittsboro: Michael Fioco
  • Town of Goldston: Howard Willett
  • Historical Associations: Barbara Pugh and Geraldine DeGraffenreidt
  • Economic Development Corporation: Jeffrey Starkweather
  • Arts: Lesley Landis
  • Public Safety & Fire: Captain Mike Roberson, Sheriff’s Office
  • Tourism: Pam Smith
  • Architecture:  Taylor Hobbs
  • Pittsboro Merchants: Christine Miller
  • Commissioner Nominees: Paul Messick, Rita Spina, Betty Wilson, Mimi Hanner, Joseph Thomas, Susan Little, Mike Harrelson

CO-CHAIRS:  Mimi Hanner and Taylor Hobbs

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