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Chatham Fire Departments Demonstrate Hauling Water to Fight Fires

Post Date:06/15/2017 4:39 PM

On June 10, 2017, firefighters from every Chatham County fire department gathered at a rural pond on Devils Tramping Ground Road to demonstrate how to draw water from a pond to fight fires in areas that have no public water supply. Three fire departments from outside the county also participated. 

“The Office of the State Fire Marshal videotaped the event with the help of drones. The video will be used to develop an online training video that will be used statewide,” said Janet Scott, director of emergency management for Chatham County.  “Nearly all counties have areas without public water, so this is very important training.” 

This training is required for all fire departments to meet state insurance ratings requirements under the Office of the State Fire Marshal.  The requirements provide a minimum level of fire protection and determines reduced insurance premium rates for homeowners based on ratings.

#1 bonlee fire department taking water from pond

    A Bonlee Fire Department vehicle draws water from a pond at Lee Farm (formerly Bray Estates) 
as part of a firefighter training demonstration showing how to haul water in rural areas to a fire scene.

 #2 silk hope fire department at pond demonstration

This photo illustrates what happens once the firefighting vehicle arrives at the scene of a fire. The pond water collected by this Silk Hope Fire Department vehicle is discharged into reservoir tanks used to feed the hoses battling a fire. 

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